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Third World countries explain their average age gap for marriage of early 20-s by economic level: hardworking parents forget to give specific education to their teens, as the result - young 18 years old girl is pregnant by her classmate.They have two ways of decision: one is - boy escapes his responsibility, another one - the couple gets married. So we have very young group of 18-20-s girls to be married.Just because to feel comfortable together with other man, to enjoy life and to develop their relationship?Average woman in Ukraine should focus on her biological age, not to pass the childbirth time.There, in the yard, my hand is swallowed up by 11.8ins of gigantic grip. The top of his head grazes the branches of tall trees; two dogs gambolling at his size 23 feet look like puppies; his mother barely comes up to his waist.To know for sure about the right time for a woman to marry you should analyze several gaps to build an image of how she does look like and what she is.Today we would like to talk about this point in post reasonable way.

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Sex is a value of a marriage and the harmony of sexual life gives high chances to save relationship, and Ukrainian women know that for sure.

But still they do not dissipate their energy thoughtlessly everywhere but save it to the right man.

One theme that comes very strongly is that many western men who come to visit their Slavic girlfriends fail to make a good impression, because of one simple reason: They are poorly dressed.

Yes, guys, Russian and Ukrainian women may say “No” a perfectly good man only because they do not like your clothes.

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