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Actually the 'plot' sounds a little more challenging than most.

From promotional blurb: Shyla wants desperately to be part of the cool crowd but the leg braces she wears makes it hard for her to fit in.

Paperboy - Young, Hung and Just 18 is a 2016 gay adult video by Blacky Mendez. Cuts required to remove advertisements featuring youthful women for whom assurances that they are over 18 years of age cannot be provided. They are clearly living in a fantasy world where the slightest probability of a risk is to be taken as proof that all the worlds nutters will be inspired to go raping and pillaging.

Starring Lucas Phelps, Parker Marx and Charley Cole. Cuts were required to remove material considered obscene (the drinking of fluid expelled from the anus) under current interpretation of the 1959 Obscene Publications Act. Cuts required to sight of urolagnia - woman places hand on thigh during urination with next shot showing her licking fingers, giving audience good grounds to believe that urolagnia is taking place; and urination during penile penetration of anus Compulsory cut for R18 required to remove all sight of urolagnia (woman urinating as man withdraws his penis from her vagina) and all subsequent indication that this has taken place by removing sight of urine on man and woman by Doug Jeffries Aaron Tanner, Aaron Parker90m 48s. The BBFC are clearly living in Never Never land and should be keel hauled.

This swashbuckling adventure follows a deadly sea chase between a villainous pirate (Tommy Gunn), and a playboy pirate hunter (Evan Stone) through the bloody waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Filmed entirely on location bi-coastally throughout California and Florida, ""Pirates"" is filled with action from deadly swordplay against skeleton warriors to firing cannons and offshore fight scenes.

That is exactly what I was expecting from Private, and that is exactly what I received. My first encounter with Metzger's work was The Opening of Misty Beethoven which, as a boy looking through a friend's parents videos, was far more than I'd expected.

Years later, I was happy to view The Private Afternoons of Pamela Mann, which, aside from the pornographic content, I found totally engrossing.

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An R18 without cuts was available to the distributor by Pav Kumar Angel Long.141m 19s.A compulsory cut was required to remove obscene images (in this case, the sight of faecal matter in semen expelled from the anus, urination in the course of the semen being expelled, urine being licked from a table and urine being smeared onto a woman's face). Cut required to a remove all sight of a potentially dangerous activity in a sexual context (in this case the heating of wax (subsequently poured onto female) with a blow torch) When Peaches' boyfriend Bobby peeps on Peaches' divorced mother, the mother forces him to strip and rapes him.Compulsory cut is required to potentially harmful and abusive image ( knife blade pressed on nipple/breast ). Thinking her mother is prude, Peaches looks for sexual advise from both her stepfather and her Vietnam veteran step uncle.UK: Passed R18 for strong images of real sex after 6s of BBFC compulsory cuts for: by Rob Stone Miyah, Jayne, Roxanne, Charlie, Suzie Best, Lolly Badcock, Elle Brook, Taylor Morgan, Natalie Heck, Starr, Tony James, Pete Le Meat, Pascal White, Demitri, Justin, Jay Scarman.112m 58s. by Rob Stone Emma, Tequila Woods, Tony James, Maxine.129m 42s. Cuts of 1m 50s were required to clear sight of long thin spoon handle penetrating anus and implied anal penetration by spoon end on the grounds of potential physical harm. Presumably the BBFC are also toeing the Home Office bollox that squirting is to be referred to as urination. Compulsory cuts of s were required to remove images of abusive and potentially harmful sexual activity (in this case, a woman choking in the course of fellating a dildo), and obscene images (in this case, urination in conjunction with sexual activity) were required to potentially harmful and abusive images - knife blade pressed on nipple / breast; and images which render woman incapable of giving or withdrawing consent - bound and gagged while engaged in sexual activity.

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