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I'm glad that Microsoft continues to invest in touchscreens, but it's clear a large portion of the Windows user base demands a first-class non-touch experience, in addition to however the touch side pans out.

Personally, I think Windows 8.1 isn't bad, but it's clear that for many users, there's demand for a Start menu and a UI designed for mice and keyboards.

What does the newest release add to these previously announced features? Essentially, the tracks allow users to Michael Endler joined Information Week as an associate editor in 2012.

He previously worked in talent representation in the entertainment industry, as a freelance copywriter and photojournalist, and as a teacher.

I think user feedback will really help windows makes its new OS something its core user base will continue to support.

Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that user investment in a PC touch UI like the one in Windows 8 or 8.1 isn't necessarily making mainstream progress.

The second build added a Windows Phone-like notification center and new keyboard shortcuts, as well as 7,000 code improvements, including some inspired by Preview user feedback.

Feedback from those users drove several of the changes in the newest iteration, named Build 9879.

Other new features range from improved One Drive integration to a trackpad emphasis somewhat evocative of Apple's OS X.

Like the earlier builds, 9879 focuses on the desktop experience.

Those users constitute more than half the active PC user base and are still growing in number.

The OS's popularity testifies to how many existing Windows users had no interest in Windows 8 and its touch-oriented UI.

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