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Hello guys, Just so you know, I already did a search.The last thing I know that happened before my computer turned into a painfully slow machine is when I was shutting down and windows said that it was installing a windows update on the shutdown screen.These will help visually speed things up in Windows 10, especially if you have an older video card or a machine with less RAM.You can read the article Tech Tip: Visually Speed Up Windows 8 (7/Vista/XP).Unfortunately, sometimes one or more of those patches will cause a problem, ranging from serious ones like error messages preventing Windows from starting to less serious ones like video or audio problems.

Even something as simple as clicking on the start menu can cause it to hang for a second or two.Windows Update exists to keep Windows and other Microsoft software updated, usually with little intervention from us.This includes security updates that are pushed out on Patch Tuesday.If you experience worse performance, you can go back into this setting and change it back to System Managed Size This tip is an oldie but goodie.These settings have been around since Windows XP, but you can still apply them to Windows 10.

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