Updating alesis micron

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I'm pleased to report that the Ion's twin audio inputs have survived intact, although the audio outputs have (understandably) been reduced to a single stereo pair.

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The Micron has 8-voice polyphony with three oscillators per voice, and is up to 8-part multitimbral.Less really is more — the 'smaller' name suggests a cut-down follow-up to 2003's Ion synth, but in fact the Micron includes most of the spec of its predecessor, and has added effects and a built-in sequencer too.At the end of my 2003 review of Alesis's Ion, I said that if a rack version of this synth were to appear, I would find it hard to resist.The Micron offers all that and more but for less money because of its minimalist design/interface.The link above will take you to an e Bay search for this synth to see active listings with more images, specs and information.

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