Updating an oracle sequence via plsql

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Now suppose I have reset the value of the SEQUENCE to 1 again. Follow all the steps in the same order as shown below: declare max_db_value number(10,0); cur_seq_value number(10,0); counter number(10,0); difference number(10,0); dummy_number number(10); begin -- enter table name here select max(id) into max_db_value from persons; -- enter sequence name here select last_number into cur_seq_value from user_sequences where sequence_name = 'SEQ_PERSONS'; difference := max_db_value - cur_seq_value; for counter in 1..difference loop -- change sequence name here as well select SEQ_PERSONS.nextval into dummy_number from dual; end loop; end; DECLARE actual_sequence_number INTEGER; max_number_from_table INTEGER; difference INTEGER; BEGIN SELECT SQ_CD_TP_TAXA_SERV.

CURRVAL INTO actual_sequence_number FROM DUAL; SELECT MAX(CD_TP_t AXA_SERV) INTO max_number_from_table FROM SIGA_TIPO_TAXA_SERVICO; SELECT (max_number_from_table-actual_sequence_number) 1 INTO difference FROM DUAL; --DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (actual_sequence_number); --DBMS_OUTPUT.put_line (CONCAT('alter sequence sq_cd_tp_taxa_serv increment by ', difference)); EXECUTE IMMEDIATE CONCAT('alter sequence sq_cd_tp_taxa_serv increment by ', difference); END; Thank you for your interest in this question.

I have a Oracle database table with some fields (columns) in numeric format.

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NEXTVAL FROM DUAL' INTO l_next; END IF; END IF; -- Prepare Sequence for next use.

IF COALESCE( cycle_flag , next_value , increment_by , min_value , max_value , cache_size , order_flag) IS NOT NULL THEN EXECUTE IMMEDIATE 'ALTER SEQUENCE '

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