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Therefore, any sensitive data in DRAM is written to the disk in plaintext (this only affects the S3 state and not S4).IRS technology enables your system to resume faster from sleep. Is Active Directory required for a DE 7.1 installation? You can install the installation (MSI) packages without access to Active Directory because of the new User Directory feature included in DE 7.1. Is Active Directory required for a DE 7.1 activation? However, a DE 7.1 feature that allows offline activation provides the ability to activate DE 7.1 without a connection to e PO.For more details about Auto Boot, see Do you support the Windows 10 Anniversary Update new command-line parameter /Reflect Drivers for in-place upgrade? Microsoft has included a new feature within Windows 10 Anniversary Update that allows for OS in-place upgrade through ISO and SCCM using a /Reflectdrivers option.This command switch specifies the path to a folder that contains encryption drivers for a computer that has third-party encryption enabled.If you have logged in with an MSDN account, it does break the operating system.

Because the BIOS is responsible for flushing to and from the SSD, EEPC cannot intercept and encrypt the content.Can I apply the Windows 10 November Update / Threshold 2 (TH2) to the computer if DE 7.1.3 is already installed? Because this is a major update, it is essential to follow the procedure outlined in KB84962. Does DE 7.1 have any new features specifically for Windows 8.x? There is functionality inserted to help harden systems against cold boot attacks.Is the Windows 10 option "Go back to the previous build” supported with DE installed and active? EEPC releases prior to DE 7.1 do not support Windows 8.1. Also, there is a new method of autoboot in DE 7.1 called TPM autoboot.You may see references to Opt In/Opt Out users in the logs (for example, failing policy enforcement: assigned Opt In user).Opt In users have their User Based Policy (UBP) Enforcement set to True in e PO (meaning that a specific UBP applies).

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