Updating cracked iphone apps

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You might like to try out the free alternatives to install jailbroken apps on non-jailbroken i OS devices.Services like i Emulators, i No Cydia or Emu4i OS allow you to install apps like i Rec, Air Float, i Transmission, Bar Magnet, GBA4i OS, i DOS, Record Screen, Shou, etc. But such free services often face certification issues with Apple’s latest system patches.By implementing these OTA app distribution methods, some services have been launched that allow users to install apps outside the App Store on non-jailbroken i OS devices.These App Store alternatives are available both as free and paid services.

Some of these apps don’t require system-level access permissions in order to operate.

As for app updates, Build Store tightly collaborate with app developers to publish app updates.

If any app is updated, Build Store announces it on Twitter.

Do you want to use some cool i OS apps that require you to jailbreak your i Phone, i Pad or i Pod Touch in order to install them?

If so, you might want to consider reading this before you go ahead and jailbreak your i OS device.

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