Updating drives

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Experienced users can download and install the latest motherboard chipset drivers to help resolve rare issues caused by outdated motherboard chipset drivers.Although it is out of the Scope of Technical Support for Blizzard to assist, you can search on your own for a program that will tell you what type of motherboard you have, then visit the manufacturer’s website for the update.

You can find the latest Combo Update for your operating system located on Apple's Support Download​ page.

NOTE: Filter the list by clicking the selections on the left.

The list is in alphabetical orderand the Operating System filters are at the very bottom of the list.

Follow the instructions located on the Upgrading to OS X Mountain Lion (10.8) support page Forgot Secret Question or Answer What you need to provide for Customer Support to reset your secret question or answer Error 132 System issues can cause World of Warcraft to crash with an Error 132: Fatal Exception! World of Warcraft Crashing, Freezing, or Locking up Basic overview for troubleshooting Wo W crash and freeze issues.

For use with Microsoft® Windows operating systems equipped with AMD Radeon™ discrete desktop/mobile and APU graphics.

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