Updating drives dell automated tool

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UPDATE: The following method will only update firmware and the BIOS.

To update any OS drivers, you will have to use other methods like the Dell Repository Manager or the Lifecycle Controller.

There have been many improvements to the capabilities in recent updates (roll back of firmware updates, automatic configuration and firmware updates on part replacement for example) so it's a good idea to update the Life Cycle Controller first if there is a new version available.SUU is still available but it is a huge download, and dell's server is slow.You can alternately install "Dell Repository Manager", which will let you download the firmware for the particular machines you have, rather than everything in their catalog.Dell Command | Update (DCU) is a Dell utility that allows you to automate driver, BIOS and firmware updates on your system.The Dell Command | Update tool allows you to keep your system up to date without you having to know every driver or update needed.

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