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At present T&Ps are available in weekly updates for ARCS charts and do not cause concern, However at present there is only one way of updating ENC with T&Ps and this is for the navigator to manually enter the position of the warning that the T&P concerns and then place a message on the ENC to refer to a printed copy of the T&P.

This is apparently due to the way that different countries produce and distribute T&Ps .

However most reputable companies nowadays have the corrections for paper charts forwarded to the vessel by email and there is not an excuse for charts to be out of date.

The posting of CD’s rather than by email is purely used as a means to reduce costs to the ship owner.

This could well be an issue for the industry and there needs to be development in three areas: on the training and knowledge of those involved in the inspection of navigational equipment; on improvements to ECDIS equipment so that they can report their status more effectively; and on the development of third-party solutions, such as Admiralty e-Navigator, which will assist in the management of the ENCs, including their update status, and also provide reports for Port State Control.

The ability to receive ENC updates at sea by remote means is also a significant issue faced by ECDIS users.

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We are relying on an inherited paper system to do this important job.

It makes the voyage planning easier by allowing optimization according to time, speed and other parameters, and any modification is accomplished by a simple drag and drop action or by a click and inserting a modified value.

It gives a reason for better safety in the voyage planning by taking the ship’s draft into consideration when planning the route and combine this with dangerous areas or areas of special attention.

The IHO has recognised this as an issue and has tasked one of its technical working groups to develop solutions.

In addition the IHO has issued a new version of ENC Production Guidance’; this should help ENC producers standardise the way in which this kind of information is encoded.

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