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After executing the query, you will use a data reader (Sql Data Reader object) to fetch the records. Execute Reader() Dim firstrow As Boolean = True While dreader. To pass this value to the statement, you set the value of a parameter (a Sql Parameter object) that is part of the data command. Selected Index Changed Dim categoryid As String categoryid = ddl Category ID. The data reader is specifically designed to be a read-only, forward-only reader, so it is optimized for extremely fast data access. Load If Not Is Post Back Then ' Executes only the first time the page is processed. To display data for the selected category ' Visual Basic Private Sub ddl Category ID_Selected Index Changed(By Val sender As System. To add code to populate the drop-down list ' Visual Basic Private Sub Page_Load(By Val sender As System. After ' that, the list is already in the drop-down list and is ' preserved in view state. Event Args e) This walkthrough has illustrated the basic steps involved in using a data reader to fetch records directly from the database and using a data command to make updates.Actually I am trying to update the Bot table MFG with the Big table MFG when Big. In Microsoft Access 2007, I'm trying to update about 6000 records from one table with values from another table, but I'm having problems. When you have finished adding your tables, click on the Close button.

Here are the relevant clips from the MSDN documentation (emphasis is mine). XXXXXX' FROM Table1 T1, Table2 T2 WHERE T1= T2and T1= '011008'; UPDATE Table2 SET Table2.Regardless of that, you still need to do two separate updates.probably not related: this won't work on MYSQL because the update syntax for mysql is different.To update attributes in two different tables, you will need to execute two separate statements.But they can be in a batch ( a set of SQL sent to the server in one round trip) keyword.

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