Updating exisiting networks in bottleneck comapnies

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This chapter focuses on using the Microsoft Application Center 2000 (Application Center) performance monitoring feature; however, because performance monitoring and capacity planning are such complex and inter-related topics, it was necessary to provide additional background information.

As a result, this chapter is divided into four major parts that: One dictionary defines performance as "a manner of functioning: the manner in which something or somebody functions, operates, or behaves," which nicely describes what computer system performance refers to.

Unlike the user, who deals primarily with perception, the administrator can quantify resource utilization through the collection, observation, and analysis of performance data (see Figure 10.1 on page 327).

You can use performance data to: Regardless of the perspective you take, you have to approach tuning systematically and employ a methodology for implementing and testing system configuration changes.

Reduced down to its most basic level, tuning consists of finding and eliminating bottlenecks—a condition that occurs, and is revealed, when a piece of hardware or software in a server approaches the limits of its capacity.

Before starting the performance tuning cycle illustrated in Figure 10.1, you have to do some preparatory work that establishes the framework for ongoing performance tuning activities.

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They want the system to provide good performance, they want the applications to work, and they want the site to be up all the time.Capacity planning, on the other hand, focuses on how many users a site can support and how to scale the site so it can support more users.While confronting the myriad of elements that make up a production system, you also have to balance the goals and priorities of two viewpoints—that of the user and that of the administrator.It's really a matter of perspective; users and administrators simply have slightly different ways of viewing system goals and interpreting performance.For most users, performance equates to speed—the response time of the system they're using.

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