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Of course, you can then combine both these technologies – real-time tempo matching and Ableton Link – so that, as you adjust tempo in another Ableton Link enabled app, the tempo in Launchpad changes and the loops automatically adjust to that tempo change in real-time. I’m sure those that use Launchpad ‘live’ will appreciate this new functionality and the creative options it brings….

We could perhaps do with a few more i OS DAW/sequencer apps with both Ableton Link and tempo track support and then it could become just as cool in a recording context.

Novation have kept up a pretty good pace of updates with the app and it has gained new loop content (via IAPs) and also the ability to load your own samples (again via an IAP) since then.

Further updates have added some excellent new FX options via some inexpensive IAPs and, most recently, Novation added MIDI Clock Sync (as the clock master) support.

Obviously keen to keep things moving, Novation are now back with a further update to launchpad and, as this is a ‘whole point’ update – v.2.0 – you might expect there to be some significant new features. Two things top the list; support for Ableton Link and a real-time tempo-stretch engine for loops.Launchpad for i Pad has also been updated, and now supports the more flexible document picker importing method.This allows for many more sources such as i Cloud, Google Drive, as well as the usual Dropbox, Audio Copy, Audio Share etc.And do note that this is time-stretch that is independent of pitch change; your loops will change their tempo but, unlike samplers of old, the pitch remains the same.As with any pitch/tempo manipulation of audio, don’t expect miracles if you stray too far from the original tempo as audio artefacts will eventually appear but /- 10-15 bpm is usually ‘doable’ without too many problems and feel free to go further if ‘special effects’ are what you are after.

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