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It’s been a while since I shared any new updates on the house, but we are chugging along pretty nicely on the monumental list of things that we want to get done.The list on the fridge seems to get longer just as fast as it gets shorter, but I guess that’s just the way of home ownership right?I just have to finish filling the last two and mulch the area that I planted garlic in.As far as the interior of the house a lot has happened there, although it may not look like it.First and foremost check out my new sliding doors to the back yard!(I originally wanted french doors, but they didn’t work in the space)I’m so excited about this, not only does it allow us access to the back yard from inside the house (instead of the garage), but it lets in so much more light!!The original Knocklyon Castle dates back to the 15th century, so History is just around the corner from this particular piece of contemporary architecture.4 House assimilates this entire context in a very unusual way.

I’m so excited to see all the pops of color in the spring. I’m about half way done right now, since my injury a couple weeks ago stopped me from lifting anything heavy for a while.

By the eating area, I have been playing musical chairs (literally! I bought the West Elm striped chairs for the kitchen, but they work really well in the dining room too. They roll extremely easily which is a bit of a problem in the kitchen, so we moved this rug into the kitchen until we can get a different one in there to help with the rolling.

I know for sure that I’m keeping the chairs that came with the table (the right one) but they need reupholstered.

Anywhoodles since the wedding is over we have made the house a priority (right behind hunting season if you ask Chuck), and have gotten quite a bit done since my last update in August.

I moved the few flowers that survived the weed jungle of the front garden into the freshly weeded bed that sits directly in front of the house.

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