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So you should try with 4.8 as well and i guess it will work. Update: I see now that i should add some details about the toolchains.

For U-Boot and ATF use gcc-arm-linux-gnueabihf 4.8.

To flash the image, try something like this: Replace /dev/sd X with wherever your SDcard is.

Check twice, if you have the wrong device you might overwrite your harddisk.

To be fully compatible with all the scripting in this module, clone the ATF tree into which will be picked up from there later when merging U-Boot.

The pack tools are part of the BSP packge, but i split them into a separate repository so they can be easily used and retrieved when needed.

Proprietary parts used as binary blob (due to lack of full source) are boot0 and SCP firmware - everything else is compiled from source.

- Linux Kernel 3.10 based on BSP (see here) - HDMI support - MMC support - USB support - Ethernet support (with hack to force 100M) - Wifi suport - Enabled various Kernel settings for distribution and software support - Linux Kernel 3.10 based on BSP 1.2 (see here) - ATF was cleaned up and Kernel is now entered in EL2 (see here) - Device tree was updated to reflect changes in BSP 1.2 based Android builds - Ethernet 1000M works - Virtualization works (see KVM) - Linux Kernel 3.10 security fixes CVE-2013-7446, CVE-2015-8543, CVE-2016-0728 backported (thanks to @janjwerner) - Linux Kernel now has a tag (3.10.65-2-pine64) - Added NFS support to Kernel - Enabled GPIO via sysfs - Enabled tun, loop and nbd devices - Device tree was updated to improve thermal throttling situation - Device tree was updated to get better 1000M Ethernet speeds and compatibility - U-Boot now supports booti arm64 booting (enabled by default) - Updated U-Boot defaults to boot with booti Kernel Image and initrd (deprecating Android boot) - Changed default locations of Kernel and Initrd to match what latest Linux distributions expect - U-Boot now has a tag (v2014.07-1-pine64) - U-Boot now loads in default environment - U-Boot now supports additional bootargs in default environment - U-Boot now passes ethernet mac address to Kernel if found in environment - Added Pine64 model detection.And we promise that we will never spam you or give your email to any third parties. To make clear what Allwinner did to U-Boot I started a Git repository forked from mainline.I have started publishing images: https:// Download from there to see what the current status is.I will release and publish new images when there is progress on either U-Boot or Kernel.

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