Updating php windows

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I wonder if it was a typo on the instructions or if something changed after a few versions.Hope this saves someone a couple of hours of searching.I wish nobody loose an all day in the same thing, like me.excuse my english please In response to phpmanual at pbb dot dds dot nl: You are absolutly correct.I found this out while trying to install PHP4 with Apache2 on XPPro.This would only apply if you were hosting multiple sites and had a site you didn't want scripts to run on.Installing PHP5.2.1 in IIS 6.0 bring me some troubles too.

Replaced ISAPI path in IIS with: C:\PROGRA~1\PHP\php5(note the removal of the quotes and spaces, and the replacement of the path with 8.3 format names)All scripts ran w/o problems. I hope someone can report if a similar problem exists with IIS6/7.The manual says "do not have spaces in the path (like C:\Program Files\PHP) as some web servers will crash if you do".Indeed, when using this with PHP5 on Win XP, I got the error message "The specified module could not be found."However, the problem seems not to lie in the SPACE in the pathname, but in the QUOTES that Windows adds when a space is in the pathname!Cerdit goes to Peterguy. the instructions, PHP install made easy IIS PHP- The browser can't find your php code like localhost/dir/dir_from any virtual directory (404 error)- You are sure the code exists You may rename it with a extension and check if it displays- Process of your php code like localhost/root_is ok from the root directory It may come from the doc_root directive in whitch should be set to blank :doc_root =Then restart IIS to reload I got the 'Fatal Error: call to unindentified function mysql_connect()' and resolved it after many hours of troubleshooting.The problem has to do with the file residing in multiple directories. So, erase the copy in mysql bin and the apache bin and restart apache. if this doesn't help check out forums.and search "Call to undefined function mysql_connect".

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