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We're not engineers by any means, however you would think that any means of pirating the software would have been cross checked so it would not be possible this time around. That is something that has been taken away from many people's equations when they argue FOR the creative cloud. look at the value of Photoshop CS5 Extended which was released in 2010. In that scenario, Corel is losing a sale because someone could pirate Photoshop. Making a copy and making it available for everyone else means inevitably stealing it, even if maybe indirectly.

Considering Photoshop is one of the most pirated software in the world, is it by design that makes it so hard to stop? I'll start by saying that I was not in favor of the Creative Cloud (though now that I have adapted to it, I admit that it is pretty awesome). Its damn near impossible to make a product that isn't piratable these days. If they made Photoshop 0 instead of 6-700 for each program (for full price, non-student editions) I think most people would buy it. But as it is, if I want to use a decent photo-editing software that doesn't cost and arm and a leg, I have to pirate it because I don't want to pay that much for something that doesn't get used every single day. This in turn reduces Corel's market share and profit margin ... Because if you didn't make that copy and made it available, Adobe could have sold it. It merely means that theft and piracy are not the same thing.

Photoshop is a bit different in this case, in my honest opinion. But since I also wanted it to run on my Windows box, I pirated that version. Adobe themselves have said that they don't lose much from piracy, and that those people who pirate in high school and college wind up being the big purchasers once they're in professional positions and require the software. Real world scenario for you...thieves steal and costs go up for the honest which breeds more thieves because we cannot afford to pay astronomically high values for everything.

People who get the pirated version fall in to two (very basic) catagories. So if I download a photographer's image and use it for my own commercial purposes, even removing the watermark, well its just bits right?

The other big promise of CC is that it will be subject to frequent updates to address just do its (JDIs) to improve features and address nagging issues, and that kind of stuff might not make it through to pirated versions, so it’s early yet to say definitively what kind of impact going all-subscription will have on long-term piracy rates.

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My point is VERY few of those with cracked versions would have ponied up the cash to buy it...counting up the number of cracked versions as lost sales is quite disingenuous. Is it fair for 1 person to take on that cost and would Ford even bother? Who would allow someone to clone it free if they paid 100000X regular price for it? Piracy is theft plain and simple and the only reason you are trying to justify that through your flawed logic is because you are one of the leeches... Actually, it's your logic that's flawed (which is why you couch your argument in an unrealistic fantasy of cars being copied. ) Here's a real world scenario: I own Adobe Creative Suite for Mac. They gained 0, which was how much it was worth to me to use Creative Suite on both computers. Word to the wise (and not so wise too UNIQUENAME72): Before you speak about something you should find out the true facts of what is being said and by whom. I can actually swallow that as you at least bought the product and helped support it and it's successors creation. I get the feeling you didn't actually read my post correctly but instead jumped to conclusions. The point wasn't that pirates aren't thieves, they are, it's that counting 100% of pirates as costing software/movie/music companies revenue is wrong.

But the model may have already failed on its first day with cracked versions of the new Photoshop CC reportedly being shared illegally on the Pirate Bay and other torrent sites a mere 24 hours following the launch.

“With the constant need for validation and continual updates through the cloud, many felt it would be difficult to pirate something that requires constant contact for it to stay updated.

With all the recent discussion about Adobe's Creative Cloud model and the polarizing opinions surrounding it, one of the topics people have been mentioning is how it will stop the pirating of Photoshop and other Adobe products in the suite.

Some felt that many people were just upset with the model because it could no longer be pirated by those who did not pay.

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