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I got the same error after upgrading from version 2.7 to 3.1. where I come from (USA) in on is a 'clouldflare ray' for North America. You don't see errors, just failures with no indication of what the issue is. 'spirit of sharing', Ken Thank you for the information. I've been experiencing this issue - it's due to SSL peer verification.Disabling the operating system's firewall and opening up all ports to the internet didn't solve the issue. However, next time you have to go after an update, before you do turn on debugging and see what shows up. As I said, most of the time it's working after the second try, you just have to know that and give it another try, otherwise you can loose hours in researching the issue... If you edit the file /lib/and comment out the line that sets CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER then this should resolve the issue like so: if ($skipcertverify) else The reason it's intermittently working is probably due to multiple server nodes being used to host the plugins.This guide mentions the way to update Word Press plugin in both manual and automatic way so as to help readers complete updates with ease.Before everything, make sure that you have made a fresh backup of your website to safely update plugins.Override the site admin email if needed and you’d better not to disable email notification for which sends fresh update information to you timely.Leave the default way to receive debug information and then save all changes.

It is only the 3.0.x versions that I have running have the problem installing plug-ins from the manage plugins page. As I understand Cloud Flare there are 'rays' for different segments of the globe ...

The plugin with new version will be uploaded to your website a few seconds later.

Note that, an FTP client, like File Zilla, can be an alternative for c Panel.

Word Press developers keep releasing new versions for a plugin so as to enable more functions.

The regular update for all plugins becomes a unique method to get more features from the latest versions.

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