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[Version 3.0] - Blind-rewrite from scratch, now in C - Interface has been revamped, using internal fonts - Interface should support all screen resolutions - dev_blind functionality integrated, can be activated with SELECT - Stability has been greatly improved - Performance has been greatly improved - Source code now available on the "Beerware" license - Removed login detail requirement - login with any combination [Version 2.3 - May 29, 2011] - Fixed some minor issues in the client code - Socket handling improvements - Fixed an epic fail in the client code - Perfected the UNIX-style LIST output - Improved passive mode function - Added an experimental queue system to prevent some io crashes - Stability improvements [Version 2.2 - May 10, 2011] - Added more compatibility for older FTP clients - Rewrote code for PSL1GHT v2 - Changed UI to a simple message box (was lazy) - More RFC compliance - Improved overall connection handling - Fixed a bunch of minor file transfer problems [Version 2.1.1 - April 3, 2011] - More optimizations (improved response times) - Reverted LIST format to support old clients - Squished some bugs [Version 2.1 - April 2, 2011] - Code optimizations - Some caching improvements (better response time) - File transfer code rewritten - More RFC compliance - Added more FTP commands - Changed LIST output format to EPLF [Version 2.0 - March 23, 2011] - Changed ICON0. Fix File Manager : NTFS drive are mounted when the window is refreshed. Add File Manager : Scroll option menu with direction pad.PNG - Moved to a different XMB category (now under Network) - Fixed another possible memory leak - Added "dev_dragon" to mount detection and warning list - Changed LIST command output format (again) - Added new algorithms and methods - Should support Remote Play (untested) - Added a better way to get the IP (no internet required anymore - thanks andoma) - Added /app_home and /host_root to listing exceptions as they cause problems - Now uses Hermes' sysfs sprx link instead of lv2 syscalls - Tweaks made to improve internal performance, stability, and reliability - Added a "screen saver" (simply blanks screen after 60 sec of no controller input) - Added an exit application button combination shortcut (SELECT START) - Added an internal "retry system" designed to reduce failed transfers for small files - New git for v2.0 and later: Open PS3FTP - git.[Version 1.5 - March 4, 2011] - Improved performance and stability - In-game XMB performance increased - Better syscall usage - Fixed a possible memory leak - Fixed a couple of bugs - Added support for commands: MDTM, ABOR - nopass: now does normal login procedure (to ensure compatibility) but ignores password value - Added new file for developers (creates nopass and normal versions) [Version 1.4 - February 26, 2011] - Added more return codes - Another new command parser (even better) - Moved IP retrieval function to its own thread (no more hanging; method still requires internet) - Now detects all known dev_flash writable mount points - Rewrote/reengineered alot of functions - Added a little more user-friendly information on the screen - Moved PASSWD and EXITAPP commands under SITE-specific commands (see SITE HELP) - Changed LIST format to somewhat match "ls -a -l" - Greatly shortened code - Improved performance and stability - Fixed some bugs - More FTP client compatibility [Version 1.3 - February 15, 2011] - New command parser - New readme format - Prints a warning message if dev_blind is mounted - Fixed a bunch of bugs - Much more stable compared to previous versions - Much better performance compared to previous versions - On-screen text is coloured green instead of white - File transfers are more reliable - Exit to XMB function is more reliable - Removed "Press X to quit", use XMB Quit Game - Corrected and added some FTP return codes - Local IP address of the PS3 now displays on-screen - Added password change command (PASSWD ) - Added force exit command (EXITAPP) - Greatly optimized code - Removed pointless/useless code - Simplified most functions - CHMOD function now works properly - File permissions now show correctly in directory listings - Now licensed under the GPL - Support for MLSD, MLST, and NLST commands [Version 1.2 - January 30, 2011] - Added XMB exit event handling (thanks facanferff) - Cleaned up and shortened some code - Fixed up the last modified date in directory listings - Added an option to disable the login checking (at compile time) - Fixed a small bug in passive mode which made the transfer fail [Version 1.1 - January 29, 2011] - More stability and better performance - Cleaned up some code - Fixed active ftp (PORT command) - Removed connection limiter (kinda useless) [Version 1.0 - January 29, 2011] - Initial Release This is another Backup Manager made from the ground. Add File Manager : Check CRC of PSP ISO with CRC from renascene. Add File Manager : Convert JSX to JS ; VAG to WAV ; GTF to DDS ; DDS to PNG ; GIM to PNG. Add File Manager : Picture Viewer : support APNG (animated PNG).This implementation is compatible with eventually future cobra updates for core homebrew blockers.The approach used is detailed in the homebrew_blocker module source code included in this pasnpatch distribution It was heavily tested, namely simulating crashes, forced reboots, recovery menu accesses, file system recovery and database rebuilds.A new homebrew blocker is included in the psnpatch plugin - in the plugin only. If you don't want to use it, go into psnpatch xmb application, toolbox menu, and disable it there.The homebrew blocker blocks home brew excution when CFW Syscalls are disabled. The homebrew blocker runs in cobra, near-cobra (mamba) and non-cobra systems.

Version 4.0 brings a new FTP server engine, and this version now builds up on top of that.

Up to know is failsafe proof, but as usual there is no warranty ;) Download PSN Patch 2017.02/B: Do you have questions about PSNPATCH ? (most questions are already answered there) RELEASE NOTES: 2017.02/B [*] NEW HOMEBREW BLOCKER for PSNPatch plugin (read full usage details in docs); [*] Homebrew Blocker configurable trough PSNPatch main app TOOLBOX; [*] Instructions heavily updated to incorporate homebrew blocker - read them before placing questions !

[*] Source code from the homebrew blocker module included with PSNPatch official distribution.

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