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Just because most homeowners spend nearly 30% of their budget on cabinetry and hardware, that doesn’t mean you have to as well.If you think your floors are in really bad shape, spend more there.Granite and corian are popular choices, but Quartz, while pricey, has been dominating the new the kitchen counter industry for the last few years and we don’t see that trend going away anytime soon.

Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most effective ways to raise the overall value of a home before selling, and it can be a wonderful way to give any home a face-lift.

Refacing your kitchen cabinets or replacing your kitchen hardware can oftentimes have as big an effect as large kitchen renovation projects.

Nonetheless, if you you’ve reviewed our average kitchen remodeling costs above, you’ll want to know where every dollar is going.

To get an exact estimate, consult a kitchen remodeling pro in your area.

Besides the budget, cost of materials and price to hire a pro, there are other factors that greatly affect your total kitchen renovation cost. It’s imperative that all homeowners know exactly how much you can and can’t spend on a kitchen remodel.

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