Updating texlive

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We'll be adding links to examples demonstrating some of these new features on Wednesday, once these changes are deployed.To check for visual consistency, we looked at many images like this one showing the before and after changes to things like spacing and kerning.It does however mean that sometimes packages will change and documents will break even though you haven't made any changes.At Overleaf we aim to run the version of Te X Live that ships with the latest stable release of Ubuntu Linux. The version that ships with Ubuntu is usually a few months old, but it has the advantage of being a consistent snapshot of Te X Live that receives some testing as part of Ubuntu.

With each new release also come new features and upgrades.

I strongly recommend to install latest from scratch.

Otherwise, at some random point you will get a random error with a particular package which debugging will consume more time than the full installation. [email protected]:~$ If you want the latest Te XLive, follow the instructions at https://org/texlive/ There is no problem with doing this, as it will not interfere at all with your system.

For this update, we estimate less than 2% of projects should be significantly affected by the upgrade. Some packages and bibliography styles still rely on the old font commands, which means the problem is not actually in your project.

If this happens, a possible workaround is to temporarily recreate them using the instructions in this post.

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