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I thought maybe it would work redoing the software update (STEP 11) but now the LEDs on the BBB doesn't turn on when I plug in the USB.

When inserting the USB to power the BBB with the SD card inserted, there are no flashing lights. Is this a problem, and if it is, what steps should I take to fix it?

The upgrades are checked for and downloaded through Tor.

The advantages of this technique are the following: If you missed an upgrade, each upgrade will be installed one after the other.

I get the short happy sounding noise, and the four leds flashing after a couple of minutes but no connection to the ROV with Chrome...

On a couple of them I got the new story levels, then had to go to the update button on the home page for the version update.

But on one kit, each time I clicked on the "Download new level" button, I would continue to see the wireless connection page.

I was trying to update story levels on a kit by clicking on "Download new level" from the story level selection area.

On a couple of my Piper kits (I have about 6 I'm managing for a class), doing this would update with the latest version.

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