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I found the V1’s direction arrows very helpful (they show whether it thinks a bogey is in front of you, on the side, behind, or some combination of directions), so they gave me a sense of both where to look and whether the threat was passing me or staying in front or behind.

While not dangerous, false alarms reduce a detector’s effectiveness and add to a driver’s stress.

Unless a radar detector alerts you to active radars and speed traps in time to do something about them, its other features aren’t worth much.

The V1 and the Max, as befitting the flagships of two of the top firms in the radar detection industry, both deliver on this score.

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We put these two contestants through their paces in a month-long road test that included urban driving, suburban driving, and a 1200-mile road trip from San Francisco to Las Vegas and back through the Central Valley and the Mojave Desert — fittingly enough to cover CES.

Im Gegensatz zu der oben geschilderten Praxis kann ein bestehender Valentine-Besitzer sein Gert spter kostengnstig auf den neuesten Stand bringen lassen ohne gleich ein komplett neues Gert kaufen zu mssen. Softwareupdates sind sehr kostengnstig, bei nderungen der Hardware kommt es auf den Umfang an.

Gerte bis ...0790: Die neue Europaversion bietet eine deutlich gesteigerte Leistung im Ka-Band (Multanova 6F) sowie zwei spezielle Modi fr den Betrieb in Europa.

For over two decades, the Valentine One V1 has been king of the radar-detector hill.

With its unique front-and-rear sensor architecture, easy-to-use controls, and excellent electronics, it has dominated the market for those who didn’t mind spending 0 or more on a detector.

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