Updating the vpf and vpis

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The study also reviewed a number of selected international case studies, focusing on the New Zealand experience.The case studies included information not only on the published results, but also detailed information on the methodologies employed and data collection methods.Advances from PF PF rules allow advances to the employee under specified situations.Remember, unlike PPF, it's not a loan, but an advance.The EPF Act is silent on the timing but most employers only allow January, April or October to opt-in or opt-out of the VPF scheme.

Inflation reduces ones purchasing power and is sort of omnipresent.If you are outside Australia please call us on 61 2 6293 8381.The Employees' Provident Fund (EPF), perhaps, remains the most ignored investment avenue."The same rules are applicable where an employee's PF account is managed by an approved trust, however, interest is exempt only up to the rate specified', informs Baweja.The process To make an additional contribution through a VPF, an employee has to inform his employer by submitting the same in writing in the employer's prescribed format.

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