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In fact, Apple announced the release date for its upcoming OS via its own website, and it was released to the general public on 20 September 2016.Read on to find out how to download and install mac OS Sierra.Please re-install the latest XQuartz X11 release for Leopard after installing a system software update to OS X 10.5.x Leopard.An XQuartz installation consists of many individual pieces of software which have various licenses. Org software components’ licenses are discussed on the X. The quartz-wm window manager included with the XQuartz distribution uses the Apple Public Source License Version 2.Apple makes it easy to back up your Mac using Time Machine, so there is no excuse not to create a Time Machine backup before installing mac OS Sierra.Follow these steps to back up your Mac using Time Machine.Mac users running OS X Mavericks and Yosemite will also find Security Update 2016-003 and an updated version of Safari available.Apple didn't mention Mac, Mac Book or mac OS Sierra at its i Phone 7 launch event on 7 September.

Users who are experiencing the freezing problem with Safari or with OS X in general should install the update and report back on their findings.

However, before you perform any big update to your Mac, you should complete a few tasks to ensure that your Mac is ready to go.

No matter what, we recommend a full back up before you install mac OS Sierra.

Apple has released OS X El Capitan 10.11.5 for Mac users, the update includes bug fixes and improvements to the Mac operating system and is recommended for all users running a prior version of El Capitan.

The short notes attached to the 10.11.5 download suggest the update improves security, performance, and stability of the Mac operating system.

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