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--- form itself Public Class frm Family List Inherits System. Text = _current Family Index & " of " & Family List. Count End Set End Property 'Data location Public Read Only Property Data Filename() As String Get 'Working folder Dim folder As String folder = Environment. Current Directory 'Return folder with name of file Return folder & "\people.xml" End Get End Property 'Populate Family from form fields Public Sub Populate Family From Form(By Val family As Family) 'Copy values family. For example, to select all entries from a table with the name The mapping of SQL identifiers (column names) to XML element names is case- sensitive, and the element names are in exactly the same case as the column names of the table or view.However, the root tag and row tag names are case-insensitive.Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free .. Exists = False Then 'Create and return blank version of object Return System. Create Instance(new Type) End If 'Open file Dim stream As New File Stream(filename, File Mode.NET form that reads and updates a simple XML file (people.xml), but I'm not sure how to modify it read a more complex XML file (people2.xml). Open) 'Load object from stream Dim new Object As Object = load(stream, new Type) 'Close stream stream.In the previous chapter, we wrote XML using the Xml Writer class.

I'm also using the newscroller Javascript as same as the above I want to update my XML file (News.xml) using VB. I have managed to create XML like this :- .the result, the newscroller Javascript will not load the updated values (testing one) above. if you guys do not follow the problems, later i will post the VB. Robert, I looked through the tutorials behind the link you supplied. NET/XML stuff but I didn't find anything close enough to be the answer to the original question asked.A blank space is not a valid character in an XML element name.If a SQL identifier contains a space character, then in the corresponding XML element name, the space character is replaced by If the data in any of the select list columns in the query contains any characters with special meaning in XML (see Table 3-15), these characters are replaced with their corresponding entity encoding in the result XML document. NET handles the angle bracket characters in the column data: If a table or view name has any non-alphanumeric characters other than an underscore (_), the table or view name must be enclosed in quotation marks.The entire XML document is written to the disk on the last line, where we use the Save() method.Now, as already mentioned, this requires a bit more code than when using the Xml Writer, but imagine a situation where you just need to go into an existing XML document and change a few values.

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