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To delete a GUI button, right-click it and choose Delete. For example, the Sierra-style interface displays the score in the status bar. Click the "Add label" button in the toolbar, then drag out a rectangle like you did when adding a button.You can change the text displayed in the label by editing the "Text" property.In the game, the corner graphics will be placed in the respective corners of the text window, and the side graphics will be repeated along the edge of the window.To tell the game to use your custom text window style, go to the General Settings pane, and check the "Text windows use GUI" box. You can also set a background picture for the text window.You set what happens when the player clicks on the button by using the "Click Action" attribute.

Useful if you want most of your GUIs to turn off, except a status line or whatever.The "Clickable" setting allows you to set whether the GUI and buttons on it respond to mouse clicks.This is on by default, but if you turn it off and the player clicks on the GUI, the game will actually process the click as if they clicked behind the GUI onto the actual screen.Notice that the Properties window is now displaying properties for your new button rather than the GUI.Using the Properties window, you can set a picture for the button instead, and you can also set various other self-explanitory attributes.

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