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For the original auditions I had an entirely different character.

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One of the most intriguing new creations is Rhea Seehorn's Kim, a high-flying litigator torn between her professional ties to corporate firm Hamlin Hamlin Mc Gill, and her personal history with James 'Slippin' Jimmy' Mc Gill.Traversing years, shifting relationships and unexpected outcomes, this provocative Southern Gothic romantic comedy peeks behind the curtain of sexuality and race to illuminate secrets of the heart and the fabric of a family.This performance is approximately 2 hours with one intermission.So my first two auditions were for a different character with different sides - sides being the copy of the script you're given to read - but there were certain characteristics they were looking for for Kim.Vince [Gilligan] and Peter [Gould] were initially just looking at the way you attack different material, and then further down the line I read the scene with Bob from episode three, where he wakes me up in the middle of the night on the phone. [laughs] It's funny, people recall the robot sex voice happening in that moment, because he calls me in the middle of the night and I do say, 'I'm not talking dirty to you'.

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