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Bear in mind that both methods have their own strengths and weaknesses. The objective of this article is to recommend the best possible way of validating URLs based on available choices and results. Finally, if you need to measure the overall performance of the validating function, you can simply average both %slippage and %overjudgement.

The Validation Functions to be Evaluated Searching Google for "validating URL PHP" or "PHP URL validation" (without quotes) yields the following six result,s which any developer can use and integrate into their own application: #1. Below is the summary for the rest of the validating functions: Based on the result, the first validating function (#1) produces the lowest average in terms of %slippage and %overjudgement.

Typically a Golang developer validates an URL with Play around by changing the input URL and you will see that this method is more robust than the previous code.

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You can download the URL validation script here for reference and for your own use: This is how the results will look, for example, for regex #1: discuss how you are going to analyze each one of these validating functions.

If you want to add more URLs to test, you can simply add them to the

To test choice #1: Discussion of testing script First, the validating function is added to the top of the PHP script.

The six functions feature fairly similar testing scripts, such as the one shown below.

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