Validating xml dtd

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The DTD is retrieved automatically based on the DOCTYPE of the parsed document.

All you have to do is use a parser that has DTD validation enabled: option, which loads the DTD and weaves attribute default values into the document.

Hi, I am using Oxygen 13.2 and am going though some DITA tutorials that use DTDs.

I believe this question is general XML, not DITA specific, but will re-post in the DITA forum if you believe it is specific to DITA.

Similar to XSLT, there's also a less efficient but easier shortcut method to do one-shot Relax NG validation: lxml.etree also has XML Schema (XSD) support, using the class lxml.etree. The API is very similar to the Relax NG and DTD classes.

If you want to validate an XML document against a DTD that is not referenced by the document itself, you can use the keyword argument to parse from a file.Really complex DTDs like Doc Book ones are flexible but quite harder to design.I will just focus on DTDs for a formats with a fixed simple structure.You'll get back True if the document is valid against the Relax NG schema, and False if not: Note that this error log is local to the Relax NG object.It will only contain log entries that appeared during the validation.

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