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The magnificent monolithic statues evince energy and life; the aura in their eyes beamed a story of fine craftsmanship and effort.

Vishnu, Ganesha or a Nataraja look exactly the same as they look in today’s images and statues. I also did notice a Buddha statue from the Pallava era here.

It was before we got TV at home, before DD started their Trivandrum station*. Things were going to be different for India,many said.

It seemed like a big news, from Amma’s and aunt’s reactions. Amma tuned in to AIR that confirmed the news,bulletin after bulletin. The next day’s newspapers had more of black ink than usual, a lot lot more.

The gold Rajaraja donated came from his treasury and the booty from his Chera(Kerala) and Karnataka campaigns.The huge(8.7m height) Shiva Linga in the sanctum sanctorum and Nandi statue reflect the magnificent munificence of the Cholas.The shrines of the goddess and Subrahmanya date back to 13th (Pandyas) and 15th century respectively.Interestingly, I could spot that only the doors were made of wood and not surprisingly, even they were intact.Not sure if they were replaced during the course of time, once or even more.

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