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To know more about this method and to use it you can refer Doing or Raising Postback using __do Post Back() function from Javascript in Asp.

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And that leads to another problem: whatever would we have in common to talk about?

Most older married couples are, I suspect, much like Alma and Alfred Hitchcock in the new film about the master of suspense — sleeping miles apart in single beds with their pyjamas buttoned up to the neck.

In the film Hitchcock, he and Alma never touch, let alone make love.

Refer the below code, This is another way where we can make an Ajax call to server whenever we need the server value in javascript/jquery. Passing values to server and back is one of the common and frequently done tasks in applications and this article addressed it with different techniques that can be used.

Please post your comments or if you have an alternate way of doing this.

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