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The two versions have rather different morals: Laocoön was either punished for doing wrong, or for being right.

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However, some scholars see the group as a depiction of the scene as described by Virgil.As the play progresses, we discover a secret connecting the women in it.“The theme of the competition, as desired by Mario himself, was ,” Laura explained, “Carlotta's play not only followed the requested criteria but was particularly convincing for its character study, for the characters' tridimensionality and all the story's nuances.A recipe for success.” The play, directed by Laura Caparrotti and translated by her with Carlotta Brentan and Dave Johnson, will be staged as a reading on June 23 at PM at Theater for the New City (155 First Ave.) as an event of the festival. Corradi will be presented with an especially created painting made by Victora Febrer, a visual artist who uses wine to create her paintings. I am also very happy that the winner is a young woman. In it author Emilia Costantini imagines a post-mortem interview with the famous and controversial journalist Oriana Fallaci who says she sees no difference between men and women and she does not understand why The Woman is treated like an endangered species. In 2012 she became part of a writing group led by famous Italian playwright Fausto Paravidino at Teatro Valle Occupato, Italy’s oldest theatre which, since 2011, has been occupied by a group of actors, musicians, directors, technicians and creative staff who took it over when it was about to be shut down due to budget cuts, and have transformed the space into one of Europe’s most ground-breaking cultural venues .We still have fewer women playwrights and directors in general, so to have a woman winning the Mario Fratti Award gives me extra pleasure," Laura added, “I prefer to avoid thinking about it, I don't like thinking that women are “set aside,” but the truth is hard and being I woman I experience it on my skin. At Cannes a jury led by a woman has awarded a woman director. “Carlotta's play spoke to me,” Mario Fratti concluded, “Especially these women's confessions.

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