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The rippling, jostling ocean of faces lining the route to the chapel; and at the palace, the thick heat of goodwill, the deafening applause, the sight of elegant Albert in his uniform.

The mad cheering of the boys at Eton as they rolled into Windsor. “The Ceremony was very imposing, and fine and simple,” she wrote in her journal, “and I think ought to make an everlasting impression on every one who promises at the Altar to keep what he or she promises.”What she liked about it most of all, though, was that as they stood before the archbishop, they were called simply Victoria and Albert.

By , they went to their room, as Victoria spelled out, “of course in one bed.” She lay by his side, in his arms, and on his chest, smiling in the darkness as he whispered to her.

Victoria woke the next morning after a night of little sleep.

After a three-hour journey, the exhausted couple arrived at Windsor Castle. She thought back on the past few hours: the look on dear Melbourne’s face as he tried to stem his tears.

Victoria had a headache; she changed and lay on the couch, mentally scrolling through images of her chaotic day. The happy moment when Albert placed a ring on her finger and it was done.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds snatched half an hour together in Victoria’s room before facing the crowds at the wedding banquet.

But she signed her name like a lion and was so anxious that PA should appear to advantage that she touched his elbow whenever he was going to do wrong, showed him where to sign his name and put him right when he set the ring on the wrong finger.After the marriage she cleared up and looked quite happy.The next day, the only report Victoria wanted to correct was that she had cried: “I did not shed one tear the whole time.” She had been trained in the art of composure and did not intend to be seen as an unsteady queen.Meanwhile, along the route from the palace to the chapel, tree branches were collapsing under the weight of the people clinging to them. James’s crimson and gold Chapel Royal, she went to her waiting trainbearers, all in white dresses of her design.She gave each of them a small turquoise brooch in the shape of an eagle, as a symbol of courage and strength.

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