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It’s the closest thing to having him right there in the room with you, and what you lose in having his physical presence, you make up for in vibrations. While your love is controlling your “Nora,” you can control his “Max,” and achieve that elusive simultaneous orgasm while never actually having to be in the same room. The toys are both controlled by Bluetooth, and Lovense has a “Body Chat” app that acts as a remote control.

Find the room you're interested in, type in a nick and get started chatting! Pick a room by geographic region or by topic of interest.There’s so much to miss: having someone who welcomes you home at night and asks “How was your day?” and genuinely wants to know the answer; date nights that aren’t virtual; a partner to snuggle on the couch with and watch a movie after a long day; and the million other small things that people who see their significant other whenever they want take for granted.To keep a long-distance relationship thriving, you have to learn quickly how to expand your definition of sex.It requires getting a little creative to keep the romance going, but luckily, with technology, it’s getting easier and easier to keep the love (and lust) alive from a distance. With the toys that are available now, you might even find that your sex life is exciting than it’s ever been.

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