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Spike finds himself on a game show hosted by Discord where he has to choose between three mysterious bachelorettes, not realizing that this is a ploy to settle a love triangle he has not been aware of. A "sort of" follow up to "Bride of Discord." know of the little love triangle I had set up. You can ask this pony anything, for she'll always tell the truth. She was Princess Celestia's personal protégé for years, helped defeat Nightmare Moon, King Sombra, Queen Chrysalis, and …" the draconequus grumbled."We were there too! " the alicorn shouted."Yes, Bachelorette Number Three? "Besides, I'm kind of seeing some pony at the moment. I know what that's like after all."Applejack rubbed her chin. "It's worth a try."Twilight looked between them and sighed in defeat.

I decided I had to sort it out somehow, but the focus of that story was on Fluttercord, so I made this one-shot. " Rarity interrupted."She also vanquished an Ursa Minor single hoofedly, perfected a time spell, finished Starswirl the Bearded's Secret Unfinished Masterpiece earned the right to become a princess without being born into the family! " their host asked innocently."What is going on here? Well, we haven't made it official yet, but…""And of all the single girls in Equestria, why pick us? "It would be nice to have some pony to take to the hoedown next fall…""I suppose meeting some pony new wouldn't hurt," Rarity added."You're not seriously considering going along with this, are you?

Course it doesn't have to follow the dying course to be in here. But what have I done that justifies a gender change and having Maito Gai as my adoptive fater? OC-SIJaune had always dreamed of being a Hero, of being someone.

Gain 'The Gamer'-ability and fear the butterflies of hell!

Basically character dies & then gets a game over & is 'graded' on their life. Itachi Uchiha didn't know what to make of a mysterious power that manifested in the form of text boxes and something called "experience," but that didn't stop him. Percy A young Scholar of the land of Utolio is drawn into the battle of a life time.

Follow him on his path to the dark side of Remnant, while he moulds himself in a villain for all to fear. But when a strange opportunity allows him to change that, can a simple Blacksmith become something more within the Beacon Academy for Heroes?

""I'll be honest here," Applejack answered in her helium voice, "I can't decide between orange and red.""Lavender," Twilight stated with a twinge of annoyance."That's not really Photo Finish back there, is it?

' The show where ponies, and other creatures, find true love! She's also the Element of Generosity and a stay-at-home older sister. "The floating hands applauded, making the white unicorn blush. Yep, she's a real family gal, had to raise her little sister on her own.

Her hobbies include dress making, gem hunting and relaxing at the spa. ""Hay is for horses, and this little hayseed runs her own farm and apple orchard, continuing her family business. His hobbies include baking, cleaning, blindly following demands, getting birthday presents, dancing the conga and fawning over pretty unicorns.

"Bachelorette Number One hails from Ponyville, but is quite popular among the Canterlot elite, especially when it comes to fashion! That's pretty good, considering she has no wings.""Hey! This little dragon has a big heart and a love for gems. You have the chance to date one of the most eligible bachelorettes in Equestria!

I…I kind of like you."Rarity and Twilight gasped in shock. His hope increased at the chance that it could be Rarity."Well, that was certainly an emotional speech," Discord declared.

He recalled Bachelorette Number Two's other answers and she sounded like a compassionate and understanding girl.

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