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- At work, would you like to record all the actions and track visited sites?

- Would you like to know with whom your husband or wife is chatting online?

You want to know with whom he or she chats on VKontakte?

- Would you like to monitor your accountantby installing surveillance on his/her computer?

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Robur je latinska riječ za snagu, a na engleskom robust označava nekoga tko je sposoban podnijeti stres i pritisak.

u sati u MUZEJU TUROPOLJA u VELIKOJ GORICI na Matičinom četvrtku održano je predavanje na temu zaštite okoliša : Hrast lužnjak u Turopolju, Hrvatskoj i Europi Predavanje je održao dr.

In the form of web pages for viewing in a browser5.

Rowe was the man who started "staring at goats" Special Forces project.

Tought by Guy Savelli, watch and learn the real story before the Hollywood hype.

You've used the same contraction in the brackets as the one you've called wrong.

-'s could be both the contraction and the possessive marker.

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