Wabc orn indonesia

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Heinz ABC is the largest Heinz's business in Asia, and one of the largest in the world; employing 3000 employees, 3 production facilities, 8 packing facilities, and extensive distribution network in Java and other parts of Indonesia.

Available commonly in Indonesia's traditional marketplaces, supermarkets, minimarts, and warungs, these products are also sold globally in Asia-Pacific, Europe and Americas; they could be found in Asian grocery stores in United States and Tokos in the Netherlands.

It comes after an instructor with the Indonesian Special Forces group Kopassus was insulted by material on display at the Special Air Service's Perth base, which is used by Kopassus for training.

The ABC has confirmed an instructor felt the material was demeaning to Indonesia's five founding principles of Pancasila — belief in one god; a just and civilised humanity; the unity of Indonesia; democracy guided by inner wisdom; and social justice for all Indonesians.

It was owned by Chu brothers — Chu Sam Yak (Chandra Djojonegoro) and Chu Sok Sam — Chinese Indonesian tycoons and entrepreneurs hailed from Medan.

Initially their leading product is Kecap ABC (soy sauces, with sweet and salty variants).

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