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It makes all the major, hard decisions online and in-country any man will need to make in his bride search, including selection of a totally reliable, full-service marriage agency in Ukraine and Russia, and a scam-free apartment rental.

Correspondence was usually one-way with inefficient Email forwarding services and translated phone calls with video web-cams being non-existent.Thus, some ladies are adventurous enough to seek their happiness with a foreign man.These ladies are not anxious to leave their homes, families and culture but they will do so to have a family of their own and a good and loving husband.Out of this process I coined my phrase “the-Russian-bride-learning-curve,” meaning that there are many do’s and do not’s involved, the prior knowledge of which can save you time, money, and immeasurable emotional heartache.The victims are as young as 12, tricked into the sex trade by “Romeo” pimps who sell a dream of money, love and security.

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