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A 3D avatar software which works like an IM but is not exactly a game, and where you can't walk.

They bill your (real or virtual) money for everything: virtual currency, changing your body and face shape and height, name ownership, name change, age verification, adult content, being able to block random attacks and submitting new products.

Do not come here and say all these bad stuff just cause your child had a bad time or a bad example on this game because remember your child is in everything you said and that means that your child was part of it all.

Your child is the one who did everything bad that you said, trust me.

can create an account and select an avatar on the app without using the website version.

Ok so I was playing and this person pc me and asked me wanna get marry and have sed as in sex and I was all like wow and eww so than this girl was getting married and I went to the wedding and it was the guy who pc me then they where married then the girl said can you leave us for a bit then I said ok and they were having sex so ewww bad for kids and only let them play if they know ABOUT sex ok bye I played this game since 2012-2015, and i look at it as a good game.These virtual Internet chat rooms do not exist in a particular physical place, however they can be located by their Uniform Resource Locator (URL).To use them you do not need to know anything about their physical location.Woozworld WAS a really nice virtual game but i don't know what happened..the game has a lot of bullying problems, hacking and, even though there are censors for bad words- alot of cursing.

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