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"Coil the pearls around the shaft of his penis comfortably but snuggly enough that the beads rest against his package." Intertwine your fingers and place the palms of your hand on either side of his penis.

Next, slide your hands up and down in a wave motion, causing the warm, smooth beads to roll over the length of his shaft. Scrunchie Tip 2007 If you've kept up with your Cosmo sex tips, you may remember reading that a scrunchie can be used on a man's member to help him maintain an erection.

Then loosely wrap the icy fabric around his package and gently slide it up and down.

"The coolness combined with the satiny smooth texture provides a surprising sensation," explains Olivia St.

Double Mint, Double Pleasure You can create a pleasurable hot-and-cold double-whammy sensation with a few sips of warm mint tea.

"The tea makes your mouth hot as you put it on each other's private parts," explains Paget.

"The hot oil moving in specific lines will excite the skin more than a broad stroke of oil would," explains sex therapist Ian Kerner, Ph. Body Paint For a unique sensation, use a clean artist's paintbrush to tickle each other's skin.

"Take turns running it across the inner arms, behind the knees, over the tops of the feet — any area where you're very sensitive," explains Paget.

Then use the baster to draw shapes, spell out naughty words, or create trails on his body — from his neck, over his arms, then down his back, butt, and legs. "Putting a twist on tried-and-true techniques will create different sensations and make your sex life more interesting," says certified sex educator Lou Paget, author of Of course, we'd be remiss in our duties as erotic enlighteners if we didn't share these cutting-edge tips with you. Luckily, sex experts are constantly coming up with ways to push the envelope, whether it's by inventing spankin'-new moves or upgrading the carnal classics.Paget suggests microwaving a damp washcloth for about 15 seconds.Then use it to rub his member in an up-and-down motion, just as you did with the underthings.

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