Webcams females to be submissive

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We will humiliate, degrade and verbally abuse you, tease and denial, chastity lifestyle, flogging that ass, over the knee spanking then send you of to the gay master cams where proper alpha males can make you their bitch.

Don't forget to message me in PM when complete the task. 19 year old male dominant seeking an online female TPE slave.We own your sorry ass and you do as we say at all times got it?Now it is time for your powerful domination and to start you will strip and stand in front of your owner for inspection.I am a kind MAster and listen to the opinion of my slave when they are allowed to have one, but can also be harsh when need be.I am also discreet so things will stay between the 2 of us unless you want it to go further or i decide i want some friends to come along this group is created for unowned sub/slave female only whom is looking for online ( real time ) Master / Dom.

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