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Depending upon where you live in this world, you might need a completely different Android phone application.

Try out this list for Android apps that helps you discover new people and see if you actually make new friends: (Click the respective images to reach their Play Store download page) We Chat seems to be the most popular app in this category.

"It doesn't feel like a new channel you have to suddenly to communicate with a fan base, it's a bit more tricky for that." Figuring it out will take time, he said.

Because people can pull up the mini programs with a QR code, it could be useful at offline events to lead people into the digital world, said Mr.

Last year, Whats App introduced adding profile pic feature and since then people keep changing their Whats App DP with cool, funny, spicy, cute, romantic, lovely, sweet, sad, alone, breakup, attitude, motivational etc.

types of profile pics depending upon their mood and choice.

If you are not having much luck with them, it is time to try out alternative apps.

You must use the app that people around you use to discover new friends.

While smartphones have made us a lot unsocial, there are a few possibilities that we might actually meet new people with the help of smartphones.

Their "mini programs," seen as a challenge to app stores, will also keep people within the We Chat ecosystem even more than they already are.

Tencent estimated last year that more than half of users in China spent over an hour a day on the platform, where you can do everything from chat with friends to buy movie tickets to book hotels.

Amazing Whats App DP are one of the cool way to spice up your Whats App profile.

As you know that Whats App is one of the most popularly used instant messaging app where people hangout and enjoy chatting with friends for free.

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