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A Russian KGB map from 1975 showing the old wartime RAF munitions dump at Dairyhouse Farm, Sinderland, Broadheath near Altrincham, Cheshire The buildings to the lower right are the Atlantic Street Industrial Estate when hovered over. You may have to maximise the size of this window by dragging its edges so that it fills the screen.When you've finished browsing the links, close the newly-opened window to return to this page.Astonishing collection of information about military and government sites that werekept from the maps until satellite technology made such rulings redundant. Please note that this page requires a modern Java Script enabled browser in order to work properly.

Just look-up the derivation of the word "ordnance" and all will become clear.If you've done your own further exploration within each link, you may need to do this several times.You may also need to close some pop-up advertisement windows when exploring these links.Whatever might be deemed to be 'sensitive' has usually been known to the'opposition' for years and it is only the general public who are denied their'right to know' by officious, blinkered, low-level bureaucrats.Your website contains a vast amount of first class, eye-opening information,based on original research.

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