White girl dating nigerian man

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The Yoruba Man The Yoruba man comes from the Yoruba tribe, found in the south-western part of Nigeria. The Yoruba man loves partying, celebrations and ceremonies, and he wouldn’t mind borrowing to celebrate a ceremony- be it burial, child-naming, birthday, marriage, memorial, etc.

The Yorubas are the most educated tribe in Nigeria, and it has been a popular saying in Nigeria that in every Yoruba family, there is a professor.

How do I find true love, how do I find the right life partner, how do I know that my boyfriend wants me for marriage, how do I know that my boyfriend truly loves me, how do I avoid being used and dumped by a man?

All these questions and more are often the usual questions that occupy the minds of majority of single ladies globally, and it is no doubt that these questions are critical questions that also calls for a critical answer.

I intentionally ignored other tribes to make this write-up snappy, and for the fact that other minor tribes have their cultures and traditions revolving around the major three tribes I have mentioned above. To give you a basic understanding of the Nigerian man, I will classify them in three, based on the three major tribes- Ibo, Yoruba, and Hausa.

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An Ibo man loves business, trade and anything that will make him to be in constant contact with money.The Yoruba man is more immune to polygamy than the Ibo man.The Yoruba man loves peace a lot, and he is ready to part away with his money to make peace.Before I forge ahead, I would like to make a promise to all my readers (as usual) that whatever information I shall be revealing here, shall be based on zero partiality, prejudice or favoritism.Again, I want to stress again that I am going to be as honest as possible in disclosing some useful information that would assist all foreign ladies desiring to marry a Nigerian man.

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