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Stefan Grant posted it to Twitter last October, a brightly lit image of him grinning into the camera alongside another young black man with a broad smile and two thumbs up. “The Air B&B we’re staying at is so nice, the neighbors thought we were robbing the place & called the cops! Grant, who raps and produces under the name “Stef Is Dope,” was visiting Atlanta to play a show at the A3C Music Festival & Conference.

Certain things are ready-made for internet outrage, and white-neighbor-in-nice-suburb-calls-cops-on-black-Airbnb-guests is one of them.

The story blew up in the mainstream media, while Grant’s tweet was recirculated nearly 3,000 times. A month later, it flew Grant and his friend, Ronnia Cherry, to Airbnb headquarters in San Francisco to discuss discrimination.

Grant says they talked about ways to make people of color feel more welcome on Airbnb, but the conversations never really went anywhere. “I think because the story had kind of died down a little bit, they thought it would just go away on its own,” Grant says.

“But we told them, hey guys, our story isn’t an isolated case.

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