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No really, this illusionist and endurance artist has been doing the unthinkable breaking and setting several world records along the way, and looking hot while doing it!

Aubrey Plaza If comedians are supposed to be a bit awkward looking actress and comedian Aubrey Plaza would be out of luck, because she is decidedly sexy.

Similar to his fashionably fabulous character Justin Suarez on the hit show, the NYU newbie has been focusing on fashion with his blog The Fashion Gangster. Marc Anthony Anyone can feel Marc Anthony’s sex appeal come through in his soulful salsa music.

Picture your hips dancing with this suave two-time Grammy winning singer’s hips, and you’ll understand just what we mean!

She began her career on Michelle Rodriguez Where does an actress who can box, race cars, surf massive waves, and look incredibly sexy doing it belong? Michelle Rodriguez plays women who aren’t afraid to get messy, and that’s hot.

Talisa Soto Model and actress Talisa Soto is hot enough to be on the covers some of the biggest magazines in the world – and she has been!

Hot bodies, piercing eyes, and a hint of surprise, that’s what Puerto Ricans are made of! Ok, ok, no need to shout, just read on to discover which Puerto Ricans get us all hot and bothered! ) Roselyn Sánchez It comes as no surprise that Roselyn Sánchez is no stranger to these types of lists.

If you’re Puerto Rican you must be dying to know what sexy actors, models, singers, and athletes you share your roots with. The actress and model won Miss Puerto Rico in 1993, Miss American Petite in 1994, and has since appeared on La La Vazquez Anthony It’s a surprise La La Vazquez Anthony’s husband Carmelo Anthony allows this disc jockey and TV personality to attend any of his Knicks games, we’d be too distracted by her sexiness in the stands to pay attention to the game!

Good’s most recent role has been in NBC’s newest TV drama Lauren Vélez Actress Lauren Vélez has an air of radiance about her that creates an instantaneous attraction, and of course she’s crazy smokin’ hot!Victor Cruz Maybe it’s all of the adrenaline, but there’s just something about athletes that gets our hearts racing.Combine a New York Giants NFL athlete with a suave Latin man and you get sexy end zone salsa dancer Victor Cruz.He currently has four albums to his name with another due out sometime this year.Rita Moreno Sure, she may be 81-years-old now, but this Hollywood phenom was one attractive woman, and she hasn’t lost her touch!

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