Who is benson henderson dating

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Henderson slipped across the mat at one point, and was boxed up along the fence by Chandler.

He then managed to land a huge suplex, which saw Henderson landing square on his head, before he was forced to survive a series of guillotines before getting Chandler pressed up to the cage. Henderson landed some strong body kicks, but the action was halted after an accidental groin kick landed on Chandler.

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Chandler ended up pressured against the cage in the third round, before the two opponents returned to the centre of the ring, with Chandler chasing Henderson who’s counter punches were looking sharp.

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When Henderson was approximately 9 years old, his mother, Song, insisted that he take Tae Kwon Do lessons with his brother.

The final round began with Henderson stalking Chandler across the cage, landing strong body shots before taking Chandler down and taking his back.

Chandler reversed the position, putting Henderson up against the cage and attempting a takedown again, but taking many elbows to the body for his trouble.

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