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The average top speed of elite athletes, like AFL players, is about 30km/h and that is the accepted amount of generated force we can stand as humans.

Developments in transport over the past century mean people are now travelling at speeds much greater than this.

To come up with the necessary evolved features for Graham's unique body, the TAC collaborated with leading trauma surgeon Christian Kenfield (Royal Melbourne Hospital), crash investigation expert David Logan (Monash University Accident Research Centre) and world-renowned Melbourne artist Patricia Piccinini.

Graham reminds us of our own vulnerability, and in doing so he helps us understand how improvements to the road system will help achieve our Towards Zero vision. A key role for Graham is to educate the community, including children, on how vulnerable we are.

Despite his differences, Graham is approachable and relatable.

Children that have seen him are intrigued to approach him and learn more about what he is, why he exists and why he looks different.

He is an actor and producer, known for Heartland (2007), In the Land of Women (2007) and.

The Towards Zero vision originated in Sweden and, as a result, the Swedish road network is now one of the safest in the world.

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